Innovative Video Marketing Trends 2020

Innovative Video Marketing Trends 2020 for video creation service

The marketing strategies are changing so much on an everyday basis that marketers are busy evoking the upcoming thrilling height. The rise of stories via social media is a very effective way that marketers use to attract customers. Video marketing is one of the major digital marketing strategies. It’s good to keep an eye over the every day new trends as you continue your hunt to optimize the video marketing. There are a lot of trends coming up but the others can fade away. So here are some of the innovative video marketing trends to perceive in 2020 and over the upcoming years.


It is a huge jargon at the current time and is a thing for marketers which they should not only need to take seriously but also need to get right. 60% of marketers consider personalization as a key strategy to improve the creative content of their leads. In the digital marketing world, ‘personalization’ permits marketers to build a relationship with the clients by supplying them with experiences that are modified to them. It also allows you to provide highly targeted videos according to the client’s needs, reflects the product and services consumers are interested in while making a decision. Though personalization is an old measure; it shows the power that a video can have. Personalization can work wonders for video marketing.

Long-version videos:

No doubt that shorter videos are easy to grab, especially on the go and through social media but they fail to permit brands to form the emotional connection that makes them memorable to clients. Long-form videos help you to engage your clients to be interested in your message as well as the brand. They help marketers to tell a story that is memorable as well as informs the target audience about the values of your brand and the products. All the potential customers out there have a hunger for stories, and marketers can satisfy their need with creative, long-form narrative contents. It helps in building the trust of your customer which is the most important aspect of every business. Well, let’s face it Long-form videos has always been in trend.

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Data-First Approach:

The Data-first approach makes sure that you are approaching the right customers with the right message at the right time. It’s a key step to increasing conversion as well as engagement. That is why this approach is applied much in 2020. It never fails to give brands a better view of what works when it comes to the videos, including the best platform and the content of their videos. This information is very useful when it comes to returns, thus, improves your video marketing ROI. It plays a vital role in providing focus, like audience segmentation and personalization. This is just the right approach to video marketing.

Shoppable videos:

Businesses get more leads and conversions with the help of shoppable videos. The idea behind this is the shoppable images. It is so easy to buy a product online just by seeing the images on the digital screen. Snapchat and Instagram stories feature a lot of these but are expected that its execution soon will rise on the other social media. The shoppable videos help to make the buying procedure serene for the buyer by providing the product page online. The options here are endless. Shoppable video marketing trend is a huge boon to increase sales!

360-degree Videos: 

This sort of video has become the most popular option in 2020. Businesses are more likely to embrace the hypnotic experience they provide in a bid to tell stories and gain engagement. We can expect to see a lot more of as AR and VR continue to grow in usage. This is not that easy to use but is a good way to set your product videos apart from your competition and fascinate your customer base. 360-degree Videos appear to be most fascinating video marketing trend.

My personal favorite video marketing trend is Data-First Approach.

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