Food is the primary concern of every individual around. Thus, it is very important to look after the quality of the food products consumed by every person now and then. Therefore, to promote Food Business Operators (FBO) in India the FSSAI that is the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has launched an online application known as Food Safety Compliance System (FoSCoS)


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As the Food License is launched by FSSAI it is also known as Food License. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an autonomous organ entrenched under the Food Safety and standards act, 2006. It is responsible for preserving and fostering through the inspection of food safety. The nerve center of FSSAI is in New Delhi, India with six regional offices located in Delhi, Guwahati, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, and Cochin. Its foremost concern is stated to food safety and regulation in our country, India. Various function like the safety, quality, and standard of the food has been assigned to the Food Safety and Standards Authority across India.

Why Food License is Necessary

The standard of food is the main concern of the government of India. Therefore, to maintain the standard and safety of the food items every food business operator must have a Food License. The Food License is a certificate that ensures the safety of food products issued by a particular food authority of India. The people or entity who needs a Food License under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 are enlisted below.

Who Needs a Food License?
  • All sorts of food manufacturers.
  • Food storage and packaging units.
  • The food traders.
  • The wholesale food business dealers.
  • The food business operators who work online.
  • Entities or individuals who supply raw food material.
  • Food product retailer.
  • Restaurants or caters.
  • The importers and exporters of the food products.
  • And lastly the transporters and distributors of food products.
Types of Food Licence:

The three types of food License are enlisted below:-

  1. FSSAI Registration Certificate
  2. Food License – State
  3. Food License – Central

FSSAI Registration Process

Firstly we have the FSSAI Registration Certificate.

  •  If any business has an annual turnover lesser than 12 Lakhs then the food business dealer has to register under Form A.
  • Secondly, if the business of a dealer has an annual turnover between 12 to 20 crores then the food business dealer has to apply for State License Form B.
  • Thirdly we have the Central License where the food business dealer has to register if the annual turnover is above 20 crores. The form to be applied shall be Central License Form B.

Food License Number:

It is a 14 – digit number comprising of 5 sections issued to register the food business operators. The 5 sections of the License provides us with various kind of information about the food business operators. On the packaging of the food product added with the FSSAI logo, the aforementioned indicator has to be affixed.

How to Apply for FSSAI Registaion

Now, coming to the 14- digit FSSAI License, it has the following five sections:

  • Section 1 with the first digit, provides details like the status of registration of business.
  • Section 2 with the second and the third digit, provides information on the state code of the respective business.
  • Section 3 with digits four and five, provides details like in which year was the food product manufactured.
  • Section 4 with digits six, seven and eight informs about the quantity of enrolling master.
  • And lastly, section 5 with the digits nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen and fourteen provides the makers with the license number.
Guidelines Regarding the Food License:

There are six information or guidelines one needs to follow are listed below:

  1. Every food package must have the 14- digit Food License number given to the FBO.
  2. While importing products in the country, the license number, address, and name of the shipper must be given before the authorities.
  3. On the different unit marks of the product, the license number must be mentioned along with the standard or quality of the delivery organization.
  4. The shade and the front color of the FSSAI logo must be in contrast to the background of the packed product to understand the difference between the logo and the license number.
  5. The measure of the alphabet and digits for packaging and labeling must be based on the FSSAI Regulations, 2011.
  6. The FSSAI Registration Certificate number and logo can be used only by the FBO until the date of the expiry of the license. The food license expires on the 5th year from the very date of the issue (If applied or renewed for 5 years)

Food Safety Compliance System (FoSCoS) Rules and Regulations:

  1. Make sure that your kitchen and the inventory in which you store your food items are hygenic and clean enough. Use proper garbage disposal.
  2. The premises of the business must have a proper display of the FSSAI Registration Certificate and license with a passport size photograph of the business dealer.
  3. The FBO must hire one person having technical skills to superintend the production.
  4. If the Food Business Operator plans to make any modification in the food business then it is his / her duty to inform the FSSAI authorities.
  5. Joint returns for a period from 1st April to 31 st March successive year must be punctually filed before the 31st May of that very year.
Non – Compliance with FSSAI Registration:

Non – Compliance often certifies expensive. Food Safety Officers can conduct food inspections and compliance levels are granted for the food business.

It is graded as per the following way:

  • Non – Compliance (NC).
  • Compliance (C).
  • Partial Compliance.
  • And Not Observed (NA).

An improvement notice is issued by the Food Safety Officers according to the marks given. The Food License can also be canceled if the officers find that the standard and quality of the food are not maintained even after warnings. The FBO can appeal to the State Commissioner of the Food Safety if he/she is not satisfied with the Food Safety Officer’s improvement notice. Even if the operator is not satisfied with the decisions of the State Commissioner of Food Safety then he/she has the right to appeal to the Food Safety High Court.

Documents Required for FSAAI Licence and Registation
  • A passport-sized photograph of the FBO.
  • ID proof and address proof.
  • Your valid email ID.
  • Mobile number.
  • An affidavit.
  • Every employee’s medical certificate.
  • A layout plan for your kitchen.
  • List of all edible items as well as their categories.
  • Code of Import / Export.
  • Water testing report.
  • Machinery list.
  • Incorporation certificate.
  • NOC from the local municipality.
  • Proclamation of Food Safety and Management Plan.

Procedure of Online FSSAI Registration:

To get your business registered under FSSAI, you first need to open up a website namely It will start checking whether you are eligible for a Central License or State License. Enter the address of every location separately and individually check their eligibility. A page opens where you have to click on ‘sign up’ for an eligible license. You have to fill-up the form with the contact details. You need to give a valid email account as well as a mobile number. Go ahead by giving a unique username and a password and click register for the completion of your sign – up process.

After this, you will get a sign – up success confirmation message via email and mobile number after the account has been activated. The point to be noted is that your user ID will be valid for 30 days only therefore, you need to apply online within 30 days otherwise this user ID will be disabled. Sign in to your account and fill up the registration form with all the required details. Provide all the legal documents, whatever necessary. Make sure to complete the application form in one sitting, else it goes to incomplete tab. Keep a printout of the form before submitting it online. It would be beneficial for you to note down the reference number as this will track the progress of your application form for registration. The printout of the filled up online form should be submitted to the Regional Authority with all the required documents within fifteen days from the date of making the online submission.

Food License and Registration fees:

  • Fssai Registration Certificate fees – INR 100/ year.
  • Central License – INR 7500/ Year.
  • State License – INR 2000/ Year.

FSSAI Licence Validity:

It is fundamental for every Food Business Operator to get a License. It is important for you to renew your license within the period or before the license expires. The Food License issued is valid for 1 year or up to 5 years. The fees for License vary as per the term of the Food License.

FSSAI Renewal:

According to the rules and regulations, every Food Business Operator must apply for the renewal, 30 days before the expiry of the current license. The penalty is charged if the License isn’t documented, and the forfeiture is of Rs. 100 per day until the renewal is done. If by chance the renewal of the Food License is not done within the given time frame, then it will be considered as a gap and the business dealer will have to apply for a new license to continue his business further.

What are the Advantages of Obtaining FSSAI Food License
There are numerous advantages of having a food license or FSSAI Registration Certificate and as follow:
  1. Consumers need to become aware of and informative about the quality and standard of food products they eat. With the numerous details and the habit of healthy eating, one needs to know as to what they are eating is not just safe but is of real quality too. Therefore, the License ensures the quality and safety of the food products with the increase of the customer base.

  2. It is legally advantageous for the businesses to have FSSAI food Certificate, Thus, the food business operators should have a Food License before opening your business officially.
  3. As you get the Food license you are allowed to display the FSSAI logo in all your menu cards and also in your pamphlets to publicize your food quality is superior from others. The packaged food products must have the FSSAI number. It also results in giving you an edge over those food business dealers who are not having a food license.
  4. The new generation of advanced knowledge and enhanced information results in the progress of safety and aid and also supports your company in reaching international organizations.
  5. Finally, when the time comes for your business to expand in different outlets, Food License helps you to do so. The license enables you to establish your reputation and qualification making a place where people want to visit every time and thus, results in growing your business in new directions.

From the above piece of content, a business owner can understand how important it is for an owner to have a Food License which helps him/ her to build up an immense feeling of trust in your customers. Having Food License enables the consumers to satisfy themselves regarding the standard of quality of food and safety as it is ever-growing and is beneficial in the short as well as in the long run. It paves a long way for you to create a loyal relationship with all your dealers and consumers, thus resulting in your food business company to reach great heights.

We hope that this article enables you to understand the importance of having a Food License and also helps you to register under FSSAI as this will assure the standard and safety of the edible products provided by company or restaurant.

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