Social Media Management


Per Month


  • 2 Social Media Accounts
  • 6 Basic Design & Post
  • 1 Additional Captions
  • 1 HD Video Included
  • 10,000 post Reach
  • 150 Post Like
  • Insight Report Sharing
  • Contest & Promotion


Per Month


  • 3 Social Media Accounts
  • 10 Basic design & Post
  • 2 Additional Captions
  • 2 HD Video Included
  • 25,000 post Reach
  • 250 Post Like
  • Insight Report Sharing
  • Contest & Promotion


Per Month


  • 4 Social Media Accounts
  • 16 Basic Design & Post
  • 4 Additional Captions
  • 4 HD Video Included
  • 50,000 post Reach
  • 500 Post Likes
  • Insight Report Sharing
  • Contest & Promotion

Social Media Management Enhances Brand Presence

It is very difficult for every individual in the world to remain isolated so we must interact. But in this Hi-Tech world where everybody is busy in their work can we will be able to meet and interact with each other ?? The answer is NO. We do not have time to meet or it may happen that when we have time others are busy then what to do. The solution to such problems is Social Media. Social Media is a place where we are provided with a platform where we can share our pictures, videos, blogs, etc and these stay until they are removed by the users. These are the needs of common people but the benefits of social media do not end here. This social media also provides us with a platform where we can advertise and do the marketing of our business. In today’s world, people are more attracted to online media. After this, a question arises that after having a social media network how we will manage it. The answer to this question is Social Media Management.

Social Media Management

What is Social Media Management ??

Social Media Management is a process of handling your online presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and creating, publishing, and analyzing the content you have posted with efficiency. In addition to this, social media management also involves engaging and interacting with social media. With free and paid tools, as well as professional social media management services you can streamline social media management. A social Media Management is a skilled professional at social media marketing advertising and management platform which either works as a consultant, in – house employee, or team member at a social media agency. This platform provides you a helping hand in increasing your marketing through social media. By using tools, services, and social media managers you can oversee your social media management.

Main Processes of Social Media Management 

Due to the broad range of social media management, it is obvious to think about the principles of social media management. Following are the nine process you are expected to focus on:-

1        Targeting your main audience: Searching or finding your right audience is the core part of social media management. If your agency or your company knows who your audience is then it will become easy for you and your business to know where to find them online. By targeting the right audience on their preferred platform you will be able to earn a bigger return on investment (ROI). For example a social media marketing for dentists. When their media management services include research they ensure that they invest their marketing budget and AD spent creating content and advertisements to target the right users, versus only those who need dental care. When you will invest in the social media management service they will take the initiative to ask about your target audience at the beginning only and then take the necessary step to attract them. 

2        Creating your social media strategy:  Strategy will be developed by social media management before your social media campaign is launched. In most cases, there are different strategies for each platform due to the different roles and uses of different social media platforms. 

3        Designing your Social Media Accounts: The social media management service can also design your social media account. They create professional images that showcase your brand and creates a great first impression on the users. In most of the cases, they will focus on your account’s static images. Once they have designed the images of your business on your social media account and you have approved them then they will start working on your marketing goal such as increasing post engagement or driving conversations.

4        Developing your Advertisements: Your social media manager will develop the advertising strategy for your company depending upon your goals and service plan. It is essential to have social media ADs to improve the number of genuine followers as well as increase user engagement. Your social media manager will also look after the features such as audience, media, content, calls – to – action(CTA), posts – per – click(CPC), etc. After all this, your manager will ask for your review and sign – off on your ADs before launching an AD campaign.

5        Building your Content Calendar: Your Social Media Management services also includes a content calendar that serves as a reference point for you and your professional social media management team. The content calendar will have the scheduled posts which will include company announcements and holiday timings as well as shared content such as blogs from your websites or an image from a client. Your social media manager will request your review and approval of all the content beforehand. This may need some efforts from your side but it assures you that only the content that you approve will go live.

6        Creating Platform – Specific Content: To create the best possible content they not only built a content calendar they also create the content in it working with graphic designers and copywriters and provides a piece of work that resonates with users and accomplishes your company’s goals. Your social media manager will also ensure the appropriate link and caption of other parties so that if you can share the content of a third – party on your social media accounts.

7        Responding to your Followers: Your social media manager is a part of your service will respond to the users. The company’s interaction with social media users shows that the company cares about them. They will manage the negative comments for the customers having bad experiences. This interaction will set your business to a new level among other competitors and can also be the selling point for consumers, especially now when more than 65% of people use social media for customer service.

8        Growing your Social Reach: Apart from ADs your social media manager can also increase your followers and social media presence by reaching out to influencers and trusted associations in your industry. This will result in more exposure for your brand as well as you will get a chance to earn more followers and clients.

9        Monitoring your Social Media’s Performance: A very important part of social media management is to monitor the performance of your efforts. That is why your social media management service will keep you updated about the performance of your ADs as well as the creative content.         

Need or Benefits of Social Media Management 

           Cost: Social media is an effective initiative independent of your market budget. Joining social media networks, posting content, responding to user comments, etc is free of cost. So for reaching the audience and building an online following, social media marketing, and advertising is a profitable channel.

           Reaching people: Social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc helps you to connect with the user all over the world. Social media platforms such as Pinterest helps you to reach niche audiences. On the other hand, traditional marketing and advertising are slow and more costly than digital marketing and cannot match the reach or price of social media marketing and advertising which makes it necessary for the user to advertise through social media marketing. 

           User’s reliability: Nowadays 74% of people use social media when they are making a purchase decision or need advice for purchase through social media. So incorporating social media into your marketing strategy helps you to align your marketing initiatives according to the user’s choice.

           Performance: Nearly 45% of business – to – business(B2B) marketers have obtained clients through Facebook. Through social media, their companies not only built their brand but also be able to generate lead and sales. That is why marketers and business owners all agree on the performance of social media advertising and marketing.

           Saves your time: By hiring a social media agency you obtain a partner that will handle all your social media efforts. You will be able to save your time without sacrificing a revenue-driving channel.

           Social Media Expert: Professional social media management provides you with an expert. You need not worry about the time or cost of hiring a social media specialist in – house. You can straight away go and access the expert.

           Maintain a Quality Strategy: Your social media strategy remains active as well as top-notch this is also ensured by the social media management. They monitor and keep your approach to drive the result you want to be updated from brand awareness to sales.

           Helps in Achieving Aggressive Goals: Goals such as measurable results from social media, achieving a certain followers count, etc will be expected by you and your company that the specialized social media agency will help you to reach. 

Along with Social Media Management, Online Reputation Management is of importance once your brand is visibly established.

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