NGO Darpan

National Institution for Transforming India ( NITI ) serves as a premier policy advisory body for the Indian government. The full name of the organization is NITI Aayog, where “Aayog” means “institution” or “Commission” 

NGO Darpan under NITI Aayog works for better relationships between NGOs member and Government Departments. 

NGO Darpan is a platform launched by the Indian government to facilitate the registration and tracking of NGOs operating in India. It serves as a centralized database of NGOs and aims to promote transparency and accountability in the voluntary sector.

1. Meaning of NGO Darpan Registration:

NGO DARPAN is an online platform initiated by the Government of India’s NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India) to facilitate the registration and accreditation of non-governmental organizations operating in our country. It serves as a comprehensive database of NGOs, enabling transparency, accountability, and effective monitoring of their activities.

NGO DARPAN is designed to strengthen the partnership between the government and NGOs, better coordination collocation, efficient resource allocation, and enhanced implementation of development programs across the country.

2. Paper Documentation need for NGO Darpan registration:

The documents required for NGO DARPAN registration may vary depending on the regulations and guidelines set by the Government of our country. However, typically, the required documents are compulsorily requested during registration. 

Registration Documents: The NGO should provide a copy of the registration certificate issued by the relevant authority control, such as the Registrar of Trusts, Registrar of Societies, or Registrar of Organization. This document confirms the legal existence of the Company.

Memorandum of Association and Articles of Associations: If the NGO is registered as a community, it should submit a copy of the MOA and AOA. In the case of a trust, the trust deed should be provided. For NGOs registered as Section 8 companies, a copy of the Memorandum of Association is needed.

PAN Card: The Permanent Account Number is a unique ten-digit alphanumeric photocard documentation issued by the Income Tax Department of India. It is necessary to submit a copy of the NGO’s PAN card.

Annual Report or Profit and Loss Statements: The NGO needs to require financial statements, including the balance sheet, income and expenditure statement, and auditor’s report for the last financial years. These statements should be certified by a (CA) chartered accountant.

Annual Report: The NGO may need to submit an annual report detailing its activities, achievements, and impact during the previous financial year. This report provides an overview of the organization’s work and its beneficence to society.

List of Governing Cabinet Members: The NGO should furnish a list of its governing cabinet members or board of trustees, along with their addresses, Name, Profession, and contact information. These Details help to verify the individual’s obligation for managing the NGO work.

Bank Account Details: The NGO is required to provide its bank account information, including the Branch, name of the bank, account number, and IFSC code. This information is required for financial transactions and funding resolution.

It is important to note that these are basic documents that are commonly provided, but there might be essential requirements or differences based on the specific guidelines provided by NITI or the concerned authority supervising NGO DARPAN registration.

3. Welfare of NGO Darpan

NGO Darpan, also known as Darpan Portal, is an initiative by the Indian government to provide a single platform for NGOs to register and Exhibit their work. There are several welfares related to NGO Darpan.

Increased visibility: NGOs registered on NGO Darpan gain visibility among various stakeholders, including agencies of government, potential contributors, and other NGOs. This visualness can lead to increased participation opportunities and support for their projects.

Government schemes and funding: NGOs registered on NGO Darpan have access to various government schemes and funding opportunities. This can help them secure financial resources to implement their projects and enlarge their impact.

Increase credibility: Being registered on NGO Darpan adds credibility to an NGO’s profile. It signifies that the NGO is looked after by the government and the government provides the necessary legal requirements. This can instill trust among potential donors, beneficiaries, and partners.

Teamwork and Association: NGO Darpan provides a platform for NGOs to link and associate with each other. This can lead to partnerships, sharing of best guidelines, and knowledge exchange. Collaborative efforts can amplify the impact of individual NGOs and promote collective action for social causes.

Streamlined administrative processes: NGO Darpan simplifies administrative procedures for NGOs. It offers a centralized system for filing annual reports, registration, and maintaining organizational Details. This reduces and enhance efficiency, Paperwork and saves time and measure for NGOs.

Chance for capacity building: Through NGO Darpan, NGOs can access training programs, workshops, and capacity-building initiatives organized by other organizations or the Government.

These chance of opportunities increase the knowledge and skills of NGO personnel, enabling them to deliver their services more successfully.

Approach advocacy and presentation: NGOs registered on NGO Darpan can participate in policy dialogues and consultations controlled by the government. This allows them to raise important issues, share their expertise, and come up with the development of policies and programs that welfare their target communities.

Easy tracking of progress and impact: NGO Darpan provides a platform for NGOs to report their progress, impact, and achievement. This helps in monitoring and evaluation of their projects, facilitating transparency, and enabling contributors to assess the effectiveness of their interference.

Overall, NGO Darpan offers numerous welfare to registered NGOs, empowering them to access resources, counsel, and make a positive difference in the community.

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