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Everyone likes a bit of humor and laughter. There is no harm if you boost your brand value adding a little humor at the same breadth. Humor works exceptional well for brands on social. A recent survey by Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange (OTX) suggests that social media users are more likely to share a “funny” than “important” content (49% vs. 43%). Let us have a look how humor in content can help in brand building.

Along with the rise of social media a whole new phenomenon, that is the use of humorous content has come when it comes to building up your brands. Its approach has reached to every corner of the forms of day to day communications. Made by the brand with its fans and customers. And seeing the present scenario in no time humor will become the most important marketing technique and it will not be a matter of surprise at all.

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Social Media was introduced to enhance our relationships with people living far from us. But with time, social media made a great impact on advertisements of businesses as well. Most of the successful brands are using the power of social media as a platform to engage their customers.

By using humor you will be able to relate to them and show the human side of the brand to them. It also helps in getting attention in an otherwise crowded market place.

With engaging content, you will be able to appeal to the emotion of the potential customers and also able to strike a chord with them.

Humour can work wonderfully if you use it judiciously for any type of brand. Arguable boring brands such as legal and statutory compliance can be sold by using a humorous way of advertisement. Another remarkable thing about humor is that it makes the customer feel more exciting about a particular brand. As humor can set a brand apart from the competition, on the other hand, it may transform the ways customers perceive these brands.


●    Use Timely Humour

⮚ Humour based on current events, such as the fantastic Amul Ads that have captured our imagination for years to the present date. It is the ultimate impact as compared to other humorous content.

●    Telling a Short and Simple Story

⮚ You can tie a simple story something beyond those simple words appearing in your campaigns. Small and simple story related to your brand or product as no one can say no to a nicely weaved story. You can either cover the whole story in one go. Or carry forward the story over the course in the form of a shot, multiple posts which will increase the suspense and eagerness in the followers and customers and your customer will surely like this as a change.

●    Try to be Interactive as much as possible

⮚ The concept of using humor in your advertisements is to engage more and more people and increase the reach of your brand. So it is mandatory to make the humor in the advertisement of your brand as interactive as possible. Draw the funny side of the customers out to the fore. Next interact more actively in a humorous way such as by answering with a spice of humor to the queries of the customers, etc.

Following are best use of humor in content marketing examples for brand building

  1. Totinos:

Their social media content is pretty much all about food, but they are well wrapped in an everyday situational context, which makes it relevant and easy to relate to. Check out these jokingly designed social media examples:

  1. Taco Bell

Taco Bell, the American fast food brand, is another real life example of how fairly ordinary (with full respect!) Social media products / services can have an extraordinary personality. You could even risk to say that without humor, Taco Bell’s social media content would go away roughly 80%. Check out these social media content examples:

Well, look how they have used the trending BINOD content in there recent instagram post.

  1. Oreo

Another top brand for their use of humor in content marketing, and probably one of the most famous cookies on social media. Oreo’s success on social media is a combination of exceptional ingenuity, great responsiveness and, of course, a great sense of humor that matches a solid understanding of the audience. I totally love their content marketing strategy.

Take a look at hilarious dialogue with Motorola initiated with this:

And this is what happened next-

View this post on Instagram

Sneak peek of our 2020 so far 👀

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An Instagram post from Oreo explaining year 2020 so far.

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