Documents Required for GST Registration

Documents Required – GST Registration (Goods and Services Tax)

According to a recent announcement by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs, certain suppliers of goods do not need to register for the GST if their annual turnover is less than Rs. 40 lakh. However, as an MSME owner, knowing how to register for GST is always beneficial for registering you must know documents required for GST registration, as you may be working in the service sector and the law can change at any time.

Here is a list of the GST registration documents you need to provide based on your business type.

Documents Required for GST Registration
GST Registration

Who should register for GST?

According to the Goods and Services Tax Act 2017, every company with sales of Rs. 40 lakh and more must register for the GST. For northeastern and mountainous states, the sales threshold for GST registration is Rs.10 lakh.

Likewise, the following individuals must complete GST registration and purchase a unique 15-digit GSTIN:

Persons who make intergovernmental deliveries of taxable goods and services.

Persons subject to tax under reverse charge.

Non-resident taxpayers.

Persons who are tax-deductible according to Article 37.

Persons who deliver goods and services on behalf of another registered taxpayer as a representative.

People who act as distributors of input services.

All e-commerce operators.

Aggregators that provide services under a new brand or trade name.

Any other person or group of people notified by the central or state government as recommended by the GST Council.

If you provide domestic services with annual sales over Rs. 20 lakh and good domestic providers with annual sales above Rs. 40 lakh, you must register for the GST. Above all, domestic suppliers must register for the GST.

What are the key documents required for GST registration?

The main documents for GST registration include a PAN card, proof of company registration, ID, photos and proof of address of the responsible persons, proof of address of the company and bank statements.

You can prove your bank details using an account statement, a canceled check or an extract from your savings book. Proof of address can also be provided in the form of a utility bill, a rental agreement, property documents, a property tax return, etc.

GST registration documents for individuals and sole traders

PAN card of the owner

Aadhaar card of the owner

Photo of the owner

Proof of address

Bank account data

GST registration documents for partnerships and LLPs

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Partnership certificate

PAN cards of the partners involved

Photos of the partners involved

Proof of address of the partners involved

Aadhaar card of an authorized signatory

Proof of appointment of the signatory

Proof of LLP registration

Bank details

Proof of the main address of the company

GST Registration Documents for Undivided Hindu Families (HUFs)

PAN card from HUF

Kartas (Patriarch of the Family) PAN card

Photo of the owner

Bank details

Proof of the main address of the company

GST business registration documents

Company PAN card

Charter of the Ministry of Business Affairs

Social contract

Proof of appointment of the signatory

Signer’s PAN card

Aadhaar card of the signatory

PAN card of all directors

Proof of address of all directors

Bank details

Proof of the main address of the company

GST society or club registration documents

A company or club must provide the following GST registration documents to complete the process and receive GSTIN.

A copy of the club or society registration certificate.

A copy of the PAN card of the club or society together with that of the associated partner or organizer.

Photo of partners or promoters.

A copy of the first page of the bank statement/check/passbook.

Proof of the address of the registered office, which may include utility bills, documents of legal ownership / municipal khata copy for company or club premises. In the case of rented premises, a rental agreement and NOC from the owner of the property.

Letter of approval signed by authorized signatories.

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