Marriage Certificate

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A marriage certificate is an official affirmation that expresses that two individuals are married. The concerned State Government is engaged to issue in each State of India. In this article, we take a procedure for obtaining the Maharashtra marriage certificate in detail. (Apply Now)

 In India, Marriages can be enlisted either under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. For the two kinds of relationships, a certificate is genuine evidence that a couple is married. In 2006, the Supreme Court made it obligatory to enlist the marriage for shielding women’s rights. Consequently, acquiring a marriage certificate after marriage can have different advantages. 

To get a the certificate, the age of the groom must be more than 21 years old and the bride must be more than 18 years old.

The couple can apply to the office of the Inspector General of Registration under whose jurisdiction the marriage occurred or where the spouses had stayed for at least six months before the wedding. To register, any one of the following places should come under the jurisdiction of the Registering Officer: Residence of the bride, Residence of the bridegroom or Solemnization place.

In India, a marriage can be recorded under either the Special Marriage Act or Hindu Marriage Act. The Special Marriage Act applies to all citizens of India irrespective of their religion, whereas The Hindu Marriage Act applies only to Hindus. The Special Marriage Act provides for the solemnization of a marriage as well as registration by a marriage officer.

However, the Hindu Marriage Act provides for registration of an already solemnized marriage and does not fit for solemnization of a marriage by a Marriage Registrar.

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